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July 19, 2008 12:09 PM

ROME, July 19 (Bernama) — The number of Vietnamese children who are adopted by Italian families has strongly increased, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) quoted adoption intermediary agencies in the country as saying.

In the first quarter of this year, 163 children from Vietnam were adopted, an increase of three times over the previous period.

Vietnam now ranks third among countries, from which Italian families receive most children for adoption, only after Ukraine and Colombia.

Italy is expected to adopt more 4,000 foreign children by the year-end, of which 283 are Vietnamese.


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Updated Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:23am AEST

Police in communist Vietnam have arrested the heads of two health centres suspected of forging documents in a scam that put up infants for overseas adoptions.

The suspects in northern Nam Dinh province allegedly issued fake birth certificates for the under-five-year-olds, who were then sent to centres that arranged more than 300 international adoptions, state media has reported.

The arrests come three months after the US embassy in Hanoi detailed endemic baby-selling and graft in the adoptions system in a nine-page report that led Vietnam to suspend a bilateral adoption agreement.

The US probe released in April found that some American adoption agencies had paid $10,000 “donations” per child to orphanages after officials had forged birth certificates and wrongly identified the infants as abandoned.

In some cases, the natural parents had been cheated into giving up their babies, while other infants had been procured from illegal centres that paid pregnant women to give up their newborns, the US investigation found.


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via EthicaNews


NAM DINH — Around 300 under five-year-olds have allegedly been falsely put up for adoption abroad in the northern province of Nam Dinh since 2006, provincial police reported.

The heads of two communal healthcare centres were arrested last month under suspicion of forging State adoption documents and of making up bogus histories for the infants, said Nam Dinh Investigative Police Department.

Tran Ngoc Lam, who lives in Nam Dinh City, allegedly picked up abandoned children in the province and took them to healthcare centres in Yen Tien and Yen Luong communes. The centres’ directors, Vu Dinh Loi and Truong Cong Lich, allegedly forged fake birth certificates for the children so they could be put up for adoption.

The children were then sent to centres for disabled children in Y Yen and Truc Ninh districts.

It is believed Y Yen’s Centre for Disabled Children, which was established two years ago and which has a seasonal nursing staff of just four, had, by June 21, sold 100 infants to foreign child adoption organisations.

Meanwhile, Truc Ninh’s Social Protection Centre, which was established in early 2005, has allegedly put 221 infants illegally up for foreign adoption.

According to Nam Dinh’s Department for Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, inspectors found five heavily pregnant women staying at the centre when it was raided.

The investigation was launched following an anonymous letter that claimed the centres were engaged in child trafficking. There had also been rumours circulating among local residents that the centres were selling babies abroad.

The Department’s Child Care and Protection Division reported that they had found 11 infants, aged two to five months, at the Y Yen centre. They are now been taken care of at the provincial Social Protection Centre.

Nam Dinh Investigation Police Department was also looking into the case, said department director Nguyen Ngoc Kha. — VNS

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Still here…

Well, sort of.  I guess a little blogging break was in order.  So much has changed over the last few months that it’s taken me a while to get my thoughts back in order.  Not that everything is completely sorted out, but at least I feel somewhat coherent again.

I should be back to regular blogging some time around mid-august.  Lots of ideas in the works for both here and Misplaced Baggage.  Now if I can just sit down long enough to write…

So until then, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you all well.

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